Enabling Release Build

Jun 17, 2013

We are working on 0.7 release build these days. But our CMake configuration supported only debug mode. So, we have to manually edit CMake file by removing compiler’s debug flags and adding optimization flags for release mode.

We have done these manual steps for a few releases, and it’s a pain, so we changed our CMake configuration and build scripts recently in order to ease building OCLint in release mode.

Thanks to Martin Olsson, we could now take the advantages of all the build machine’s CPU cores when we build LLVM/Clang in release mode.

And then, by turning on the switch for releasing, we could generate our release bundle without any hassle.

Please find the quick start at https://github.com/oclint/oclint/blob/master/oclint-scripts/README.

We are pretty confident to our up-to-date code, because our continuous integration system always assure the health of the codebase, and notify us if something goes wrong. And we recommend you to use the latest codebase by enabling release mode for production environment, because in addition to the cutting-edge features you can get, now you will have a reduced compilation time, a significant improvement on performance in the runtime, large acceleration on the analysis speed, and relatively small file size.

Please be aware that, -debug option won’t work in release mode, so build the project in debug mode when there is an obvious intent to debug the intermediate progress of the program invocation.