Integrating OCLint 0.6 in Xcode

Apr 06, 2013

Since OCLint has a large amount of users in Objective-C community, Xcode integration has always been a feature we would like to provide.

We started our experiments on this since 0.4 release, but there is no straight forward approach that could satisfy ourselves. We have came up with the oclint-xcodebuild helper program, and it works well in terminal and continuous integration environment. We feel grateful for the adoption of oclint-xcodebuild, and we will continue improvements on it to ease command line advocators and continuous integration systems. However, when it comes to Xcode development environment, it’s lack of that type of convenience. We need to seek something new to fit this circumstance.

Recently, a blog post about OCLint’s Xcode integration helps us fill this gap. By following the instructions, we can introduce an OCLint target, and have Xcode show the OCLint warnings in the editor. For instance, the following screenshot indicates two code smells by running the OCLint target.

This approach also works for OCLint 0.7dev version.

Our goal of Xcode integration is to provide users with very friendly development workflow, let us know your suggestions.