More Reporters Are Coming

Mar 11, 2013

Reporters module has been extracted to a separate module as described in a previous post. Since then, three reporters have been added to the codebase - they are PMDReporter, XMLReporter and JSONReporter.

We found PMDReporter, generating PMD style report in XML format, is very useful and handy if developers use continuous integration (CI) systems, like Jenkins CI, which consume PMD outputs for better visual display.

PMDReporter’s contributor has authored a blog post. It’s highly recommended to check it out from this link.

In addition to the screenshot on the blog post, here are ones show the different aspects of seeing the result.

PMD Report Summarized by Folders

PMD Report Summarized by Files

PMD Report Summarized by OCLint Rules

XMLReporter and JSONReporter are still in beta testing, and your comments are warmly welcomed.